VERY TEMPORARY is a community of thinkers based in Accra, Ghana, with a passion for promoting love, expression, progressive thinking and an appreciation of life.

Our shared philosophy is rooted in a recognition of ephemerality as a powerful theme in our lives, and we believe this persisting transience should push us to cultivate mindful presence and awareness, in order to feel, connect, and express as much as we can during our lifetimes.

The constantly-changing nature of our reality highlights the need to be fully present in the now, and also gives these finite moments of our lives great cause for admiration. This motivates us to do what we do, in a bid to push humanity forward.


Under VERY TEMPORARY we curate content and events spanning the breadth of our shared interests (Adsect), in addition to shining a spotlight on progressive thinking in our contemporary society.

Brainstorming session

Brainstorming session

Another goal here is to showcase inspirational artists and thought leaders across Africa and its diaspora, in order to communicate the diverse perspectives of our interconnected society.

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T GARDEN is a lounge and event space in Accra, Ghana featuring music, food and regular events.

T GARDEN at Osibisa Close

T GARDEN at Osibisa Close

With the ongoing cultural shift in our society, and the increasing return of the diaspora to the motherland, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for spaces that cater to contemporary sensibilities.

T GARDEN provides this by creating an environment of serenity and comfort right in the heart of Accra.

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T TALKS explores conversations relevant to our contemporary society by tackling pertinent topics across varying fields, in a quest to foster communication and an understanding of our shared human experience.

T TALK 001: Preparing for the Automated World

Talks are held in an open-forum to encourage audience participation on the topics of discussion.

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Motto: Presence amid impermanence

Mission: An intuitive, intellectual and spiritual awakening of humanity